Murder on Zidane's Floor

Top, left to right: Gülbaz, Mashao, De Graeve, Hottis Lyra.
Bottom, left to right: De Blaere, Beaucourt, Sharifi, Asiaban.
  • Clubkleuren: Donkerblauw Wit
  • Teammanager: Sander De Graeve
Extra Info
We're a group of amateur football players that found each other through the various expat groups in Ghent. When the COVID measures were lifted, we immediately started playing weekly in Circus Arena Gent. Sometimes more than once per week, with 10-30 players. Our group now consists of over 100 players of more than 23 nationalities, frequenting the pitches of Circus Arena.

After all the practice, we decided to try our chances at organized futsal. We will compete in the popular LZV Cup in the 2022-2023 season. The team consists of 11 expats and 5 verloren gelopen Belgen.
Seizoen Reeks Positie  
2022-2023 4e Klasse A Gent 1